Novel and established kidney disease biomarkers in the prediction of cardiovascular disease

Johan Ärnlöv1,*

1Medical Sciences, Uppsala University, Falun, Sweden

Assessment of kidney damage and dysfunction is an integral component of clinical medicine. Urinary albumin and estimated glomerular filtration rate are used for diagnosis, staging and prognostication of kidney disease, diabetes and hypertension but also for drug dosing, and in risk stratification for clinical procedures. However, both albuminuria and GFR have poor sensitivity and specificity as they are influenced by a large number of non-renal factors such as age, gender, muscle mass, and as they have a large intra individual variability over time. Thus today, highly specific, sensitive and clinically relevant kidney biomarkers is an important unmet medical need in clinical practice.

The lecture will adress current state-of-the-art for the established kidney biomarkers as predictors of cardiovascular disease, but also focus on the quest for novel promising kidney biomarkers that may be used in clinical practice in the future.

Keywords: Biomarker, Cardiovascular, Kidney