Accreditation of Point Of Care Testing, POCT, at Sahlgrenska University Hospital according to ISO 22870:2006

Birgitta Kallberg1,*

1Clinical Chemistry Laboratory, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden

Background and Result

A regional procurement of Blood gas equipment was initiated 2009. This led the laboratory to act with intention to assure the quality of the entire POCT analysis process within Sahlgrenska University Hospital, SU. Quality assurance of POCT has, until now, mainly been driven by the laboratory as the wards historical interest has been limited to getting their POCT data in to the medical record.

In order to make sure that all lab results in the patient journal at SU is of sufficient quality we established a Customer & POCT team who developed guidelines and procedures according to ISO 22870:2006, with intention to  accredit the POCT process. Since we pointed out that these routines are based on international quality standards and directives from the Board, we receives good response from the wards and has here by created an interest in, and valuation of, getting POCT quality assured.

In May 2014, conducted SWEDAC a new assessment for accreditation of POCT, according to ISO 22870:2006. Accreditation is recommended provided that corrective actions and supporting documentation can be approved.


Customer interest in collaboration with the laboratory within SU was previously mainly due to getting the test results in to the medical record. Since the laboratory clearly demonstrated a willingness to cooperate with focus on patient safety, customers are now aware of the importance of assuring the quality of POCT and that it is not just a matter of getting results documented. The standard requires a major improvement of the analysis quality on their part.

Future challenges

The major challenges is to handle education of incredibly large volumes of personnel. Furthermore, systems of internal audit and the gradual process of increasing care giving staff awareness, understanding and responsibility to maintain and develop a high laboratory focus.

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