Single Molecule Arrays (Simoa) for Ultrasensitive, Multiplexed Detection of Proteins and Nucleic Acids

David Hanlon1,*

1Quanterix, Lexington, United States

Quanterix has developed an ultra-sensitive platform capable of measuring individual proteins at concentrations 1,000 times lower than the best immunoassays available today.  The Single Molecule Array (Simoa) technology at the heart of this platform enables the detection and quantification of biomarkers previously difficult or impossible to measure, opening up new applications to address significant unmet needs in life science research and in-vitro diagnostics.  The ultrasensitivity of Simoa sets it apart from other immunoassays, offering PCR-like limits of detection with both existing and novel protein biomarkers.    Simoa provides multiplexing options up to a 10-plex on a variety of analyte panels with sensitivity comparable to single-plex assays, while also maintaining excellent precision across a broad dynamic range.  The Simoa HD-1 Analyzer has been designed to provide users with a completely automated experience to ensure consistent results and the greatest sensitivity possible.   A robust menu of ultrasensitive assays is available for proteins important in a variety of applications. The HD-1 platform was launched in 2013 for commercialization into the life science research market.  By partnering with the diagnostics company bioMerieux, Quanterix has ensured a product continuum for the Simoa technology, from research use only (RUO) to the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) markets.

Keywords: Biomarker, Method