Collaborative Design of Educational Model for Clinical Biochemists in Swedish Laboratory Medicine –“The Swedish Model”.

Tom Pettersson1,* and SSKF Working Group on Education

1LeanLabMed, Independent, Stockholm, Sweden

The Initiative: The Swedish Association of Clinical Biochemists has instigated an investigation into role and education of clinical biochemists in Swedish Laboratory Medicine in collaboration with the Swedish Society for Clinical Chemistry to design a new Training Model.

Present Status: No systematic medically oriented training program exists for co-workers in laboratory medicine with scientific background. Survey reveals: diversity in competence and educational background, dissatisfaction with professional role, lack of sufficient medical training and recognized role. 

Drivers of Change: Expanding knowledge change medical practise. Integration drives convergence of basic and continuous scientific and medical training. Networking drives team work. Advancing analytical technology, process automation, informatics integration and common molecular focus drives both the expertise and the system orientation.

Guiding Principles: Patient oriented and value based healthcare sets the framework. Standardization, science convergence and digitalization create learning opportunity and sets focus on innovation.

Competence Profiling and Educational Program: Goal is to manage both specialized (monovalent) and general (polyvalent) needs to cover routine services and drive innovation within a Diversified Team Model that offers relevant career routes for scientific, medical and operational staff.

Adapting to EU Principles of Free Mobility in an Open Labour Market: The ambition is to fit both the scientific and the medical educational profiling within the EFLM/EC4RC professional framework of professional recognition as “European Specialist in Laboratory Medicine”

Process of Modelling: The initiative is a team approach to manage diverse profiling and integration of Medical, Scientific, Operational and Managerial competences and skills to promote role of Laboratory Medicine pinpointing patient needs as to diagnosis, risk, prevention, prediction, treatment and cure in future integrated Value Based Medical Diagnostics and Health Care

Keywords: Biochemistry, Laboratory organization