Evaluation of the Alere NT-proBNP test for point of care testing

Banafsheh Seyyed Khezri1, Lena Carlsson1, Anders Larsson1,*

1Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Introduction: Patients with symptoms that could be due to HF are often encountered in primary care and NT-proBNP is often used as a rule out test for HF. Today, the test is performed at the hospital laboratory and the samples have to be transported to the laboratory for the analysis. The test results are thus rarely available at the initial consultation. If NT-proBNP tests were available as point of care (POC) tests at the primary care centre this would most likely reduce the time to diagnosis and initiation of treatment of HF patients.

Objectives: The object of the study was to evaluate the Alere point of care NT-proBNP assay as a suitable alternative to the central laboratory method to provide short test turnaround times in primary care.

Methods: Blood NT-proBNP results obtained with the Alere assay (n=100) were compared with serum NT-proBNP results analysed by a Cobas 8000 analyser (Roche Diagnostics, Mannheim, Germany.

Results: The equation for the Deming correlation between the two methods was NT-proBNPAlere =  1.04*NT-proBNPRoche  + 23.3; r = 0.94. There was a good agreement between the two NT-proBNP methods when used as a rule out test for heart failure and the cut-off value <300 ng/L. 47 samples gave values <300 ng/L with both methods and 51 samples gave values >300 with both methods. Thus there was an agreement for 98% of the samples.

Conclusion: The study show that the Alere NT-proBNP assay could be used in primary care permitting rapid NT-proBNP testing to rule out heart failure.


Keywords: Biochemistry, Cardiovascular