NFKK 2014

Welcome to Gothenburg

Dear NCCC Delegates

It is a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you to Gothenburg, Sweden, for the XXXIVth Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry on September 16 –19, 2014.

A major aim of the NCCC 2014 is to gather all professions in the clinical labs in the Nordic countries, to meet, discuss and share knowledge. Another aim is to broaden our perspective with the overall theme of ”Future opportunities in clinical chemistry”.

This includes exciting examples of how the laboratory with its expertise among physicians, biomedical scientists, chemists and laboratory engineers can develop further as a diagnostic partner. The meeting will also cover the use of new biomarkers in risk assessment and diagnosis, novel areas of biomarker discovery, including glycoproteomics, tissue-specific inflammation and an interesting example of using biomarker patterns in multivariate analysis. We will also learn about emerging laboratory techniques, including Next Generation Sequencing and single molecule detection.

We wish to extend a cordial welcome to Gothenburg to all of you, and we hope that, during this meeting and especially at the spectacular Glitter & Glamour banquet on the 18th of September, you will meet old friends, make new friends and establish important future connections with colleagues throughout the Nordic countries.

On behalf of the organizing committee I wish you all VERY WELCOME to Gothenburg! 

Ola Hammarsten
President, XXXIV Nordic Congress in Clinical Chemistry