NFKK 2014

Presentation guidelines

Guidelines for Speakers and Chairpersons 

The Speakers Preview Room is located outside Room 1. Speakers are kindly requested to provide their PC-formatted USB keys (PowerPoint presentations) to the staff in the Speakers room, preferably the day before or at least two hours prior to the presentation.

The lecture room is equipped with data projection equipment. File format: Microsoft Power Point or Adobe Acrobat formatted for Windows (PC). Preferred Resolution: XGA (1024 x 768)

Technical staff will be available at the Congress room as follows:

Tuesday 16th          11.00-15.30
Wednesday 17th     07.30-16.30
Thursday 18th         07.30-16.30
Friday 19th             08.00-11.30

Good to know! 

Prepare your presentation in good time.

If you have film sequences in your presentation make sure that they function when you have transferred them into the NFKK computer system.